Bundesrat meets for first time

Kaiserstadt, Abelden – the Bundesrat, the upper chamber of the Reichsversammlung, the Abeldane Empire’s parliament, convened today for its first session, since its establishment with the constitutional reforms on 1 August earlier this year.

The chamber has before now, since its foundation a month and a half ago, not met to elect a presiding officer (known as a President) du to it having insufficient membership. This is due to its structure, whereby each individual federal state decides how their representative in the chamber is to be determined.

Present for the inaugural session were James Frisch, Bundesrat for Morgannwg, Patrick Renwick, Bundesrat for Demirelia, Austin Jaax, Bundesrat for Rai, and Thomas Bainbridge, the non-voting Bundesrat for the imperial capital of Kaiserstadt.

On the agenda were the elections of the President and Deputy President of the body, with the results being James Frisch being elected President unanimously, and Austin Jaax being elected Deputy President, also unanimously.

The Bundesrat, which consists of one representative from each of the Empire’s federal states + one non-voting representative for the imperial capital of Kaiserstadt, operates on a system of assumed consent. This entails that bills passed by the Volkstag, the Reichsversammlung’s lower chamber, will automatically be passed by the Bundesrat after 48 hours, unless 1/4 of Bundesrat members request a debate.

The report of the session may be read here.

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